Eight melon ballers and fibrous, vegetal material.

Ever had one of those arguments with your best friend wherein the sole purpose of said argument was simply to one-up the other? “You don’t like ham? What’s wrong with you?” “What do you mean what’s wrong with me? You don’t like corn on the cob!! What’s wrong with you??” “I like corn, I just don’t like the texture of it between my teeth! And besides,YOU don’t like cabbage, which is simply inhuman.”

It’s like being transported back to the playground in fourth grade: “MY dad is a spy! He shoots bad guys and drives super fast sports cars like 007!” “Oh yeah, well MY dad is an astronaut, and once, he strangled a velociraptor with his BARE HANDS after traveling back in time in a time machine!”

Under any circumstance, it should be noted that the velociraptor argument always wins.

But, I digress. In this scenario, the best friend is also my boyfriend, who shall henceforth just be known as the Ryan: because that is who he is. Anyway, all of this took place whilst driving to the grocery store for some “fibrous, vegetal material” that the Ryan seems to think covers the entire spectrum of fruits and vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, he will eat anything (well..most anything) that I put in front of him, but he doesn’t necessarily always like it.

With summer coming up, I find that I become less into the traditional meat and potatoes or hearty soup menu and go more into an overload of fresh fruits and veggies. Farmer’s Markets become my fourth grade playground, and I go gaga for corn, squash, berries, and anything else summertime can throw at me (that isn’t a mosquito). Does this happen to anyone else?

And what exactly do I do with this fibrous vegetal material? How do I keep it from getting old, sad and boring? And how do I incorporate it into the meat and potatoes-esque menu that the Ryan (and the cats, who scavenge any crumb they can get their paws on) seems to so very much enjoy?

That is precisely what I intend this blog to be about. I suppose that now would be a splendid time for a bit of an introduction, so here goes: My name is Beth, and I live somewhere on the eastern seaboard. Say, close to the Nation’s Capital and all that. In my grown-up life I work for Uncle Sam and am a student in university studying Anthropology and International Relations. I enjoy photography and play the piano in my spare time. I am also the rare breed they call “girl gamer,” but of the lighter variety (much Portal, Final Fantasy and WoW were played back before I had a life). As previously mentioned, the Ryan and I also have two furbabies we like to pretend we own by the names of Sam and Lestat. If anyone ever tells you they own a cat, they are selling something. If they try to disagree, let them lay in bed and be stomped on by an angry storm of paws at 5 a.m. when it’s time for breakfast. That’ll show ’em.

And of course, I love to cook, eat, and feed people. No, really, I LOVE it! Nothing makes me happier than a nice group of friends and a delicious meal. Or of course, a new recipe! I spent a short amount of time in a kitchen as a cook, and I am constantly looking for new and fun things to add to my repertoire. I’m not the *greatest* in the world, but that’s all part of the adventure – the adventure I hope to share with you lovely people.

And, to top it all off, the Ryan’s parents are a bit..hmm..They need some help in the kitchen arena. From what I understand, his last venture home ended up with him tossing out seven of eight melon ballers, three of five bread knives, and a whole slew of pots and pans that were rusted. Both parents are on special, separate health-related diets, so as a gift to the rents, we (and by we, I mean I’m cooking and he’s observing casually from the other room over an episode of Extreme Engineering) are working our way through many cookbooks and making parent-friendly adjustments as we go with the idea of creating them a custom cookbook/appendix by Christmas.

Let the mad science begin!



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4 responses to “Eight melon ballers and fibrous, vegetal material.

  1. Ron

    As 1/2 of the hmmm parents, I feel I should point out that the Ryan did allow us to keep what we consider one of the most important tools in the kitchen, the claw hammer which everyone knows is the best way to get frozen food separated into consumable portions!

  2. lorine nickerson

    Hi, Beth, I am the woman who birthed Emily Rose (Scarlet) years ago, and she was telling me about you and your blog. One word: EXCITING! I am an experimenting foodie as well, and I love to hear about others’ adventures in the kitchen, so I will click my bookmarks for your blog every day. My tunnel vision on recipes is to see how I can change things up to: increase protein, increase complex carbs, lower sugar content, increase fiber, etc., you get the picture, yet maintain flavor. Maybe we can exchange some ideas to contribute towards your hmmmmmm project…….

    • Well hi there! Thanks so much for all the kind words! Definitely check out my blog, but also be sure to check out Foodgawker.com (But be careful, it’s an addiction!!) for amazing recipes and inspiration!

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