Inspiration, anyone?

So that’s it. The semester is over, the finals are over, one degree will soon be in the mail and I have four months until I start in on my next degree and keep on a’truckin’.

You would think that with all this free time I’d be cooking up a storm, going crazy on fresh and new ingredients, hitting up all the farmers markets and full of ideas. On the contrary, the lack of exercise my brain is currently getting has slowed my creative juices to a mere crawl, and I find myself in the cook’s version of writer’s block.

Additionally, the Ryan is wanting to get back onto his diet, which I was doing with him, and that severely limits what I can cook. It is also pretty damn boring. Of course, I will be looking for variations of things I’d normally cook because while the Ryan can eat monotonously, it makes me want to cry. I just cannot stand it. And I think that maybe on some level he may appreciate my efforts to keep things spiced up, too. I hope, at least.

So now I am turning to you – my readers – for a bit of inspiration. Is there anything you’d like to see me make? Master? Attempt? I am still on a bit of a baking kick, and we always send baked goods to be eaten by the Ryan’s co-workers, but I also don’t want this to become a baking blog. It’s about cooking. ^__^ And learning. And sharing.

Leave any ideas or desires in the comments, and I will be happy to oblige if you give me something I can get ingredients for (some stuff is much harder to find that you’d think!!).



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2 responses to “Inspiration, anyone?

  1. Liked your blog :). So for a small suggestion, why don’t you take up a challenge at food photography if you’re cooking the same recipes over the next few days? The recipes on this blog will look even better with a few shots thrown in between the interesting words 🙂

    • I really want to learn. I just got a new camera, actually, because the auto focus on my old one wouldn’t work and I had to take pictures with my cell. Now that I have a new one, I want to learn how to use it and try to get creative. I am just no sure if I have the “eye” for it, lol! We’ll see!

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