Special Olympics and Pier 1 Plates

Aloha, all! I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of posting from me this weekend. That is because my little brother made it to the state level in Special Olympics for the state of Maryland. As you can imagine, this means that the Ryan and I have endured sweltering heat (especially today, lord have mercy it was 93 with stupid amounts of humidity) and burned our asses on dark green bleachers to cheer my brother in his competitions for the last two days.

The competitions are normally held at Towson University, but this year the athletic events were held at Coppin State University. Not a very lovely part of town, but Towson’s field and stadium are undergoing some serious renovations. At least the participants were housed at Towson, so they were safe. I am proud of my little booger, er..brother, as he won two gold medals in the 100 meter dash preliminary and the softball throw, bronze with his team in the 4×100 meter relay, and got fifth place in the 100 meter dash finals. He put his heart into all that he did, and the fact that he got to participate in the state level makes me immensely proud. 🙂

Since Towson’s a good hike from where the Ryan and I live, between events (yesterday there were seriously 5 hours between events…v_____v), we wandered around to see what we could find. After all, Towson’s a college town. Surrounding the area are also Loyola University, Goucher College and Johns Hopkins, so there are plenty of food joints to check out and shopping to be done.

So, after avoiding being hit inside the SAME traffic circle on two different occasions (seriously, people, learn how they work!!), we finally found our way to a parking spot alongside Pier 1 Imports and Barnes & Noble. Why I don’t have an unlimited credit card to purchase all manner of everything in Barnes & Noble is beyond me, but I digress.

I found this super cute serving plate on clearance in Pier 1 from $40 down to $10, and my mom decided to buy it for me. 🙂 So I was pretty happy! Now The Ryan has something legit to take cupcakes, cake and cookies to work on (before it was plastic bags or multiple dinner plates..heh)! Lestat, of course, had to inspect it as soon as it arrived (in case it had food on it and he wasn’t informed) and while he was upset, he approved of the super adorable flowers. The Ryan and I spent too much money on books in B&N, we rounded out the day with some frappuccinos at Starbucks (caramel, yum!), and went back to the grounds for the remainder of the competition. Lather, rinse and repeat today, but 10 degrees hotter and minus more shopping, and you’ve got my weekend in a nutshell.

We are now caught up on grocery shopping, and catching up on laundry and some much needed time in the air conditioning of our apartment. Phew!

Look for some new posts this upcoming week!



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2 responses to “Special Olympics and Pier 1 Plates

  1. aw congrats to your little brother!! Thats so amazing!

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