I’m not dead!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting recently…long story short, our apartment fell through, got rescheduled for this past weekend, and we have been very, very busy trying to move things around. We got all moved in and are almost unpacked..that being said, we have also already filed 5 (count em!) maintenance tickets. Water in my closet? I don’t think so. Dishwasher not getting electricity? Maintenance, you better FIX this crap!! (because clearly it’s too difficult or they’re too incompetent to make it move-in ready). Sorry! Just needed to rant..it’s SO frustrating to move into a place that is supposedly ready and find a million things wrong. It doesn’t stop at the water or the dishwasher, either..but I won’t work myself up.

In addition to those issues, we don’t have internet (Verizon is coming on Friday) for the time being, and I am actually writing this at my desk at work. 🙂 I have three blogs pre-planned that I did while I was at the old apartment, but with no internet, I can’t write them. We’re not allowed to bring in our own USB drives or have our own pictures on our work computers, so I just have to wait.

I was going to have a fourth blog for you on chicken quesadillas (I will make them again, though, because they were so delicious) but while I was cutting my onion, I cut the everliving daylights out of my thumb and it has been in a gauze bandage ever since last Wednesday. I learned three things during that ordeal, however…1) OUUUUUUUCH!!!! 2) It’s amazing what your body will let you do before you go into shock and 3) I now know how my poor cats must feel without an opposable thumb.

Needless to say, I have been next to useless with carrying furniture during our move and other things you don’t realize you need your thumb for (like holding a dish while you scrub it with your other hand…of all the times not to have a functional dishwasher, eh?).

HOWEVER! The good news is that while I was sniveling on the bed, holding my hand above my heart and pathetically drinking orange juice (yea, I’ll admit it, I totally lost my cool and cried hysterically), the Ryan surprised me with a 9 cup Cuisinart food processor! OMG! It’s amazing! I totally love it! It’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time and it has a bunch of bells and whistles. He’s kind of awesome. He actually broke it out that night to chop a new onion, and proceeded to throw in the jalapenos and bell peppers as well. AND the queso blanco on the shredder attachment. Never deny a geek a gadget. He had a great time making fun of my cutting accident and pounding his chest about how awesome his gift was. Admittedly, it did make me feel better..even if I was embarrassed about having cut myself in the first place.

And, as many problems as we’re having with the new place at the moment, the only really major thing is the water issue, the rest can hopefully be fixed if maintenance pulls their heads out..and then I can brag about how much I enjoy the new layout of our apartment (more cabinet space, more counter space, open kitchen and more open floor plan in the living room) and how happy I am to have gained like 3.5 feet of much needed counter space! There is more privacy as well (we have a fence! And my plants get more sun!), and above all, it’s quiet. No more nextdoor neighbor with her subwoofer on our adjoining wall..no more toddler and sister running around upstairs having a screaming contest with one another..just peaceful, glorious quiet. Oh, happy good night’s sleep, how I’d missed you, my friend.

Look forward to pictures and new posts starting Friday!


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  1. Glad you’re not dead. I’m enjoying the blog. In fact, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Here’s my post: http://3hungrymonkeys.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/i-won-something-woot/

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