Like A [Maryland] Boss.

Aloha, everyone! My sincerest apologies for my pointed lack of presence lately on the blogging scene. I haven’t forgotten about you in the slightest – the Ryan and I have just been extremely busy. With all the things happening in our apartment (we’ve had maintenance, plumbers, drywall fixers, painters and carpet layers in every day for the last 3 weeks), and my new awesome tooth problem (remember that cavity? Apparently I need a root canal now. To the swinging tune of $2100 that I do not possess. Yay uninsured healthy adult!), and the Ryan’s work hours extending into 15-19 hour days (along with him being out of state for several weeks this month, next month, and in October),  and me prepping for school, we have just been running around like headless chickens.

The Ryan and I have not been able to see much of each other, as you can imagine, so we decided to escape this past weekend to cool our heels and relax a little. Where did we go? Ocean City! Home of the illustrious boardwalk, Atlantic ocean, ridiculous traffic, boardwalk fries, Julie’s cannolis, and, of course, good ol’ Maryland blue crabs fresh out of the water for eating! Yum! And since it was the Ryan’s first time visiting the Atlantic ocean, I had to make his OC experience special!

Ahhhh, beach. People in bikinis. People who shouldn’t be in bikinis in bikinis. Warm water, the sound of the waves crashing..yep. I was a very happy girl.

COOTIES! (Stereotypical tourist shot ftw. Like my hat? Bought it at one of the stores 😛 Don’t hate, it kept my face from being sunburned.

After a long walk in the water chatting about space and science (guess who brought up that topic? ^_~), we decided we were thirsty and stopped in to Shenanigan’s Irish Pub. We had a horrifically-bad-for-us-but-oh-so-delicious cheddar and jalapeno stuffed pretzel and a few drinks. After all, we were on our day-vacation, right? Why not drink up? Especially since Shenanigans was voted Maryland’s Favorite Pub! We couldn’t pass it up.

After our pub pit stop, we stopped into an arcade where I whipped the Ryan’s tail at Tekken 5, and then we made our way over to the carnival at the end of the boardwalk. I also whipped his tail at bumper cars, and there was ferris wheel riding and enjoyment to be had.

We finished out our wonderful day at the Mug and Mallet, where I got myself a lovely dozen of Maryland blue crabs. It had been ages, and when in Rome, do as the Romans. Especially since it would go against my very upbringing if I didn’t eat steamed crabs at least once per summer. The Ryan was inducted as a true Marylander when he had to peel (I had to teach him, it was very cute) and de-vein his own shrimp right there on the spot. Good job, honey. 😛

Now, if you’re not from Maryland, I doubt very seriously that you would take the state’s supply of blue crabs as seriously as we do, but I promise you that they are awesome. We take pride in our delicious aquatic life AND our over-zealous use of Old Bay seasoning on pretty much every food group we can find. (If you just said “What? What seasoning? Click here and read about it. Try it. It’s awesome). We are also quite offended (as I was by our hilariously stoned waiter in the Mug and Mallet) if anyone suggests or infers that you do not know how to peel a crab. As someone who grew up hanging off the side of a wooden pier holding a string attached to a crab trap with a chicken leg tied inside of it, waiting for the perfect moment to close that box and catch that crab, I take a particular pride in my ability to not only catch, but steam and peel a crab. Silly stoned waiter.

Another thing that we Marylanders take a particular pride in is one of our favorite dishes, Cream of Crab soup. We also have “Maryland Style” crab soup, but I’m not as keen on that one. Something about tomato, corn, crab and celery in liquid form and in one place is just..odd to me. But Cream of Crab soup is delicious indeed. I have provided a few links below for you to find your own recipe for Cream of Crab. Why won’t I make it? Because I don’t do imitation crab meat. And as a child, I was taught to always throw the female crabs back, and eat only males. Unfortunately, a lot of the trot-liners down here that sell crabs on the side of the road do not discriminate, and will get females also. Not only are females harder to peel, but they can sometimes be pregnant (ewww) and have less meat. Additionally, one male crab can impregnate many females, and one lost female is a lot less future crabs. I am proud of the Mug and Mallet in OC because they served me only male crabs. It’s an ethical thing. So I don’t normally buy them off the side of the road these days. Finally, I can’t catch them off the family pier anymore now that my MawMaw passed away. 😦

You, however, can buy and eat whatever you like! I have provided you with four recipes to choose from, each a little different, but mostly the same. Pick what you thin suits you best and enjoy! If you do make some, send me a picture or send me a link! I’d love to see it!

Option 1. Traditional!

Option 2. A little more fattening, but still deeeelish!

Option 3. Now you’re talkin!

Option 4. Get boozy with it.

For the record, I approve of all of these recipes. 😉 Happy Eating!!


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