Quick Update!

Good afternoon, folks!

Thought I’d died, didn’t you? Luckily, such is not the case. I have just been EXTREMELY busy. Like chicken with her head cut off plus one armed paper hanger busy.

On the day of my very last final exam for Fall semester, the Ryan and I came home, packed, slept, and left the next day for California, where we spent 9 days visiting his parents and touring the area. It was lovely, I enjoyed the relaxation very much, and I got to cook some stuff. Yay! We did run around quite a bit, as I’ve never been to the Sacramento area and wanted to see it and San Francisco, so there was much traveling and eating out to be done. I can now say I own a shot glass from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co from Pier 59 in San Francisco and one from Old Sacramento. Whoop! (Yeah, shot glasses..it’s a thing. The Ryan thinks I’m insane).


I also got to see the Golden Gate Bridge. 🙂 It was on my bucket list, so I am a happy girl. (I took that picture. *flex* Go me!)

Upon our return home, I had to work, and then we went to a New Year’s Eve party, spent New Year’s day recuperating, and January 2nd was the beginning of my Winter semester, which just ended yesterday. Today is the beginning of the Spring 2013 semester, and I am leaving in about an hour to go to my first class. I’ve got potato soup going in the crock pot (thank this Pinterest find) and prepped everything for the Ryan to finish it up for me when he gets home, as I will be later than him (a change, no?). In completely unrelated news, however, I did get an enameled cast iron dutch oven for Christmas from my granddad. /swooooon! Look for a few recipes using it soon!

Anyway, I’m crazily carrying 5 classes (one of which has a lab, so in essence, 6) and working 2 days a week, so you can definitely say my schedule is quite full. Every Wednesday, I’m going to be late, so this weekend I am planning on writing a post for you lovely people complete with 4-6 “Freezer Meals” (they’re all the rage now!) that I can thaw on Tuesday and dump in the Crock Pot before I leave Wednesday morning, thus sparing the Ryan of having to sit around waiting for me to get home so he can eat, or worse, trying to cook something himself! (Egads!) It will also give me more time in the evening when I get home to spend with him and the cats (cuz, for real, we have TV now and I need my Restaurant Impossible and Triple D fix) or doing homework or laundry or whatever. You know, life stuff.

Look out for my Freezer Meal post this weekend (probably on Sunday), and enjoy the rest of your week! It’s all down hill from here!

Ta ta!


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