Happy Easter, y’all!

Howdy! πŸ™‚ I actually had some time tonight to do something fun! That’s not true….I made time by procrastinating on an assignment. I’m reading a book that is akin to having my teeth pulled, and I would basically rather do anything except read…Blargh!

I’m sure if anyone has spent any amount of time on Pinterest in the last month or two, you have come across this Pin for Easter strawberries that look like carrots. =) The Ryan and I are attending an Easter dinner tomorrow, and I decided to make these as a snack to bring to the party. Since I haven’t done any photo recipes in a while, I decided to go ahead and take some pictures while I did this. It’s pretty straight forward and simple. I used my cell phone because…well because I’m lazy and I had it with me. Once I started melting the candy melts I wasn’t about to walk away. So PARDON MY MESSY KITCHEN! There is no such thing as housework during school. I need to win the lottery because then I’d have time to clean. Or I’d probably just hire someone to do it for me because I could afford it…But I digress…

While the Ryan and I ran errands today, I swung by Michaels and grabbed some orange candy melts. I also grabbed two pints of strawberries. When I got home, I rinsed all of the strawberries and laid them out on some paper towels to dry. Once that was finished, I set up to get going!

I don’t have a double boiler so I did it old school and simmered water under a stainless steel bowl.


Which you apparently don’t see in this picture, but who cares? I made sure I could grab the strawberries quickly and had them set right beside me while I waited for the water to start simmering.


I stuck the bowl on the pot and dropped in the first bag of candy melts. And then I stirred, stirred, stirred until I couldn’t stir no more….


I then added the second bag of candy melts and kept stirring…I swear, I totally built some arm muscles stirring this until it was smooth. My strapless dress will thank me indeed come picture time at the wedding!


Then I dipped the strawberries and set them out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.


The Ryan was a sweetheart and assisted me when I ran out of space on the cookie sheet. =) I kept the chocolate warm and melty and he lined another dish with wax paper so I could keep going. Isn’t he the greatest?


Finally I dipped the spatula into the remaining melted candy and spattered it across the strawberries for those cute little lines. =) Mmmm, carrots…but not!


Finally, I put them in the fridge to live overnight until I am ready to plate them for the party tomorrow. Yes, look, my fridge is just like everyone else’s. Don’t judge me.

In other news, I poured the remaining melted candy onto some wax paper and shaped it into a bunny with my spatula..because why not? It is also in the fridge, but it’s not a work of art I cared for you to see πŸ˜›


I hope all of you have a happy Easter! (Isn’t this one of the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen ever??? I know, right?!?!?)



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2 responses to “Happy Easter, y’all!

  1. I want to try one!!!!! mail me some!!!! hehe

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