Sesame Chicken – Done Easy!

Man, guys, I’m telling you. Today is surely not Monday but boy does it feel like it. Today was one of those days where you are certain by 9 am that you will need a glass of wine by the end of the day, even if you don’t know why. As it turns out, it was an ever-so exciting day at work, what with the men’s bathroom on the first floor catching on fire, and pipes bursting in at least three separate places of the building, flooding the third and second floors (that we know of)…After standing outside in 11 degree weather complete with a windchill of -5 (cold as heck but thankfully not as cold as it was this morning when I left for work) for about 30 minutes, just as we were starting to complain about not being able to feel our toes, we were all directed back inside and told to resume our business. Yep, the Federal Government will close for an inch of snow and clear roads, but won’t send its employees home after a fire and some flooding.

To top that off, I tried to grab a prescription on my way home, and since they didn’t have my new insurance yesterday, rather than call me, they just set it aside and decided not to fill it. You know, until I came in to get it and then told me I’d have to wait. That’s okay, I’ll get it tomorrow.

SO! How’s that Polar Vortex working out for YOU?

The good news, however, is that when I got home from work today, I received an email from my school congratulating me on being in the top 15% of my class. 🙂 Well thank you! That made my evening slightly better. As did coming home and not finding any of my pipes burst or any leaks (yet) anywhere in the apartment. The night is looking up. Maybe when the Ryan comes home from work we can snuggle and enjoy some good ol’ bad TV together. And, of course, have dinner.

Tonight, I was feeling like something quick, tasty, and warm, so I opted for stir fried sesame chicken. Of course, I found the recipe on Pinterest, because with this cool winter break thing that I’m doing, I actually have free time at the end of the day. What I’ll do with myself after I graduate in May remains a mystery. Hopefully perfect my ability to make omelets (because last night I tried for the first time, and let’s just say that the Ryan is a gracious guy. I didn’t find the omelet I made him in the trash this morning, so I think that means he ate it. What a trooper). I kind of suck at omelets at the moment.

So let’s get started!


First, for the chicken, you will need 1 lb of chicken thighs cut into 1″ cubes. I didn’t have a pound, so I used 10ish ounces. Mix together one large egg (I did two) and two tbls of cornstarch in a bowl, then add the chicken and toss.


Heat 2 tbls of oil in a wok and let it get hot. Then add the chicken. DON’T BE TEMPTED TO MOVE THE CHICKEN ALL AROUND!! That is my worst offense, and I messed it up the first time I did it. Leave it be for a few and let it get nice and crispy golden before you go tossing things around. When you turn it over, then would be a good time to add any veggies if you want to. I added snap peas.


While the chicken is cooking, mix up the sauce. You will need 2 tbls soy sauce, 1 tbls water (I used rice wine instead), 1/2 tbls sesame oil, 1.5 tbls brown sugar, 1.5 tbls rice vinegar, one inch piece of ginger, grated, and one garlic clove, minced. I didn’t realize I needed the ginger and garlic until my chicken was almost done, so I added garlic powder and ginger powder. It’s a sin, don’t do it unless you must. It’s soooooooo much better with the fresh stuff. Also, add two tbls sesame seeds.


I forgot to take a picture of the chicken with the sauce and (in my case) snap peas in the wok together, all nice and pretty. But here they are in a bowl of rice looking beautiful. I sprinkled more sesame seeds on and cut up some green onions for garnish. YUM.


See? Wasn’t that quick? (P.S. Sorry for crappy phone pictures, the Ryan and I’s camera died in the airport on a layover going to our honeymoon. We photographed our entire honeymoon with our phones 😛 And didn’t replace our camera).



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