Sausage Egg “McMuffin”

Goooooooood evening, friends. I’m actually going to make a breakfast (in case you couldn’t figure out by the title)!

I found the recipe on Pinterest (don’t I find basically everything there? I mean, come on), and it’s actually a Paleo recipe. The Ryan and I do not eat Paleo, so I am not going to follow the recipe exactly (I only have margarine, not ghee, and I bought my sausage from Giant. It’s the Bob Evans kind. It was on sale), but the principle will be the same.

In fact, I ordered pastry rings specifically to try this. But in all honesty, I needed some pastry rings. So this just happened to work out! I’m excited to try them, and I figured I could pre-make these, wrap them up in some foil, and send the Ryan and myself to work with them tomorrow and Friday. We can nuke them up in the microwave real quick at work, and they’re nice, filling protein without the added carbs of buns. 🙂 Sounds win-win to me (and they’re only 220 calories, so I’ll happily add in my normal morning oatmeal for some nice, filling fiber. OHYEAH, FIBER. You know you wanna eat it).

BUT! Before I get started, I have to show you the greatest thing I just discovered. I’m probably late to the game, but the Ryan and I don’t generally set foot in the yogurt section of the store…the closest we come is when we buy milk or half and half, and that’s still down the aisle from yogurt. We were eating it more often a little while back, but that was before I had to take a massive hours cut at work. Sadly, yogurt (the good kind, at least) is expensive. ;__; When I graduate, I’ll eat so much yogurt…Mmmm.

Anyway, check these out:

ImageThese are so good. I have so far only tried the vanilla golden crunch and a raspberry chocolate vanilla one (which isn’t pictured. BECAUSE I ATE IT), and I like the vanilla one the best. But I’m looking sooooooooooooo forward to the rest of these. Chobani, you’ve got the right idea, friends. Don’t stop making these! 😀 They make my heart happy. 

And another gratuitous off-topic picture, I just walked into our bedroom and look what I saw:

ImageIn my next life, I would like to be our cats. Thanks.

SO! Let’s get started with those work breakfasts! (Complete with iTunes spewing out Angry Scottish Pirate Metal. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? It’s definitely a genre.)


First, let’s cook the sausage patties. They came pre-shaped, but as it turns out, my muffin rings are a bit wider, so I smooshed them down to make them a little wider and to help them cook a wee bit faster. I melted some butter before putting them in there, btw. Well, margarine. But you get it.


When the sausages were cooked, I set them aside and placed the rings in the pan, after melting a bit more margarine. I forgot to grease the rings – oops! Note to self: next time, use Pam. I then cracked the eggs on in there and seasoned them with salt & pepper.

Image (Hah, yeah, the top right one went under the ring, ooooooooooops!!)

After the eggs solidified a bit, I poured in 1/4 cup of water and *tried* to cover them. Hah, I don’t have a lid that large, so I just set them over. When that didn’t seem to be working, I flipped a stainless steel bowl (that was the correct diameter) on top of the pan and set that over everything. 🙂 

One thing I hate about this stove: It’s UNEVEN!! But the leg is broken so we can’t fix it. And we’re renting, so I’m not inclined to fix it. Not my problem. But oh man does it annoy the al;skdjf;lasdkflkjfff!!!! out of me.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, there. Cooked. Granted, they’re not the picture of perfection, and I might use a different pan next time, but…They look good, no? 🙂 At least, I think they do. Edible, anyway (so my pictures aren’t super fancy. I’m an archaeologist, not an artist, sorry).



I gave the Ryan the better ones, because I always give him the better cooked ones of all things. That’s probably why he sticks around. That, and he’s married to me now. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


So they’re not the most beautiful, but I’m still looking forward to eating them. I wrapped them in foil and stuck ’em in the fridge. Tomorrow I will nuke for 30 seconds and NOMNOMNOM. I hope the Ryan will do the same, but he would probably just eat them straight up. Because that’s how he rolls.




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