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Thanksgiving! And stuff.

Well ‘ello there, all! 🙂 Long time no write!

Things have been totally crazy! I always say that, right? Well, it’s true. The good news: I’m freaking married now! WOOOOOOO! *celebratory dance*

It was a beautiful day, the Ryan looked stunningly handsome, and even with the little blips, the wedding was more perfect and magical than I ever could have imagined.


In the course of the last couple weeks, we ran around like headless chickens wrapping things up at work and at school, and then off we went to Jamaica for a week! True story, I cannot recommend Sandals, Negril highly enough! They made our honeymoon completely romantic and completely awesome! Besides, who wouldn’t like endless rum (Jamaican rum! YUM) filled drinks and food whenever you want it while snorkeling or jamming on a party catamaran out on the ocean? Duh. Sandals, Negril. Go there. Get a butler room. You won’t be sorry you did.


And now we’re back. It’s Thanksgiving week! YIKES! I’ve spent my day today making brownies (as requested by my aunt, whose house we’re going to before heading over to a friend’s) and preparing my “grown up” apple cider for tomorrow. And by preparing, I mean putting the crock pot and Caramel Vodka next to the front door. The cider is still in the fridge. Because it should be. Also, today I learned that you can use coconut oil in place of butter in baking batters! But be careful, the melting/solid threshold on coconut oil is only 76F, which makes it kind of unwieldy when you add things at or below room temperature (depending on the temperature of your room, that is. Ours is around 70, so…yeaaah). Fear not, however, I sampled a brownie and they’re just as good and smooshy as if I were to have made them with butter. TAKE THAT, FATTY BUTTER!

Tomorrow I plan on making a variant of a recipe I saw on Pinterest for Apple Cider with Vodka in it. I went and bought myself some Smirnoff Caramel Vodka and some Apple Cider from the Amish. The Ryan and I got a new programmable crock pot as a wedding gift, which I will be taking to our friend’s Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. One gallon cider, half a bottle of vodka, put the thing on “Keep Warm” and get my friend to light up the fire pit while we set up the telescope (yeah, we have one of those too. It’s fun being married to an engineer) to see if Comet Ison blows up in the sun or not. It should be a nice evening tomorrow! And even if Ison blows up, we will have cider with booze in it. So it’s a win either way. Plus, turkey coma.


(How did I get the same cider as in that picture on the original recipe, you ask? Turns out that Philadelphia isn’t that far from Maryland and the Amish bring it down with them to the market. Ohhhhhh yeah. ^_~)

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

In other news, our honeymoon was a bit of an overindulgence and we put on a few *cough* pounds while we were in Jamaica. I mean, drinking fruity cocktails all day and eating fried red snapper and all sorts of other goodies (and desserts) will do that. I don’t regret it, even if my belly does. VIVA LA HONEYMOON! But that, plus the holidays, means that we’re in that tough spot of watching what we eat while not starving ourselves through the numerous gatherings we’ll be attending (especially since I bought a case of 18 Holiday cookie cutters, and I want to make Christmas cookies, damnit!). So if the rest of you are curious, I managed to find this resource for Thanksgiving/Christmas food lightened up. Because Skinny Taste is the bomb.com. I will definitely be turning to some of these recipes to bring to our group Christmas dinner.

That’s about it for now! I’ve got to run and start reading a book for a review I need to write this weekend. And  I have a presentation due Tuesday. Gotta work Friday (and work out my purchasing finger with internet Black Friday sales)…..it never ends! Oh! And the ballet on Saturday! The Joffrey Ballet is back in DC performing the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center! It’s a yearly tradition, so I’m excited!! Let’s hope my dress clothes fit after that awesome honeymoon. 😉


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!



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